I am a PhD student at UCLA, advised by Prof. Chenfanfu Jiang and Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos. I obtained my B.Eng. degree in Software Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prior to UCLA, I spent a gap year working as a research intern in Bytedance AI Lab. I also did a research internship at the Pennsylvania State University in 2019, advised by Prof. Dongwon Lee. My current research interests focus on physics-based simulation and AIGC.

Here is my CV.


VR-GS: A Physical Dynamics-Aware Interactive Gaussian Splatting System in Virtual Reality

Ying Jiang*, Chang Yu*, Tianyi Xie*, Xuan Li* (equal contribution), Yutao Feng, Huamin Wang, Minchen Li, Henry Lau, Feng Gao, Yin Yang, Chenfanfu Jiang
arXiv, 2024
[preprint] [project page]

PhysGaussian: Physics-Integrated 3D Gaussians for Generative Dynamics

Tianyi Xie*, Zeshun Zong*, Yuxing Qiu*, Xuan Li* (equal contribution), Yutao Feng, Yin Yang, Chenfanfu Jiang
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2024
[preprint] [project page]

A Contact Proxy Splitting Method for Lagrangian Solid-Fluid Coupling

Tianyi Xie, Minchen Li, Yin Yang, Chenfanfu Jiang
ACM Transactions On Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 2023
[paper] [video] [tech doc]

Multi-Layer Thick Shells

Yunuo Chen, Tianyi Xie, Cem Yuksel, Danny Kaufman, Yin Yang, Chenfanfu Jiang, Minchen Li
[paper] [video] [tech doc]

Towards Realistic Visual Dubbing with Heterogeneous Sources

Tianyi Xie, Liucheng Liao, Cheng Bi, Benlai Tang, Xiang Yin, Jianfei Yang, Mingjie Wang, Jiali Yao, Zejun Ma
ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM), 2021

CHECKER: Detecting Clickbait Thumbnails with Weak Supervision and Co-teaching

Tianyi Xie, Thai Le, Dongwon Lee
European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML PKDD), 2021


MultiPLES Lab, University of California, Los Angeles
Research Assistant
Feb, 2022 - Present

Bytedance AI Lab, Shanghai
Research Intern
Apr, 2020 - Jul, 2021

The PIKE Group, The Pennsylvania State University
Research Assistant
Jul, 2019 - Nov, 2019


Teaching Assistant, UCLA
CS33: Introduction to Computer Organization, Spring 2024
Teaching Assistant, UCLA
PIC20A: Principles of Java Language with Applications, Fall 2023, Winter 2024


I love Japanese animes and fingerstyle guitar.